Event Based Video Solution


We know you have heard of in-cab video solutions, but Vestige View is more than that.

Vestige View Event Based Video is an incident camera solution for your fleet and other mobile assets. Combined with our Data Monitoring Platform (DMP) it is a perfect solution that fits the needs of many industries and applications.


HD cameras capture clear video and images of interior & exterior of the vehicle. Event Based Video also allows you to monitor location, driving route, vehicle speed, and more.


Detailed driver data is collected and stored in the DMP platform. This allows you to know if your drivers are practicing safe driving, review accident data, and protects from false insurance claims.


Protect your business from cash-for-crash insurance claims, false or exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports, and slow or unreasonable claims processes.

Advanced Incident Camera

The Vestige View Event Based Video Solution is not your average dashcam. It is an advanced incident camera equipped with powerful instant video transmission and telematics data.

Research shows trucks and commercial fleets are much less likely to be at fault in an accident, but they pay most claims as if they are at fault. Vestige View sets the record straight and saves fleets from expensive insurance claims. Our Event Based Video Solution was created to provide evidence of events leading up to, and during, a road accident by providing instant notifications & video in less than 60 seconds. This can help protect a driver from any issues faced on the road.

Recommended by Major Insurers.

Collision cost reductions of up to 80% in property liability, auto liability, and workers compensation claims.



Incident Cameras:
Single or multiple cameras that connect you to your fleet for surveillance, monitoring and protection purposes.





Event Based Video:
Generated by an event or on demand video gives you access to view your fleet on the road at any given time and access that video through Vestige DMP Portal.





Wireless Connection:
Vestige View communicates all of its information over the Verizon cellular network, using 4G LTE for the best performance.




Vestige DMP:
Vestige DMP receives all communications and media events from the Cameras. DMP monitors that data and takes appropriate actions based on the needs and presents that information in many flexible ways.




Platform Notifications:
The data monitoring platform (DMP) will send out notifications based on incidents or driver behavior events that are configured to be monitored.