At Vestige, we know it is challenging to manage and monitor your mobile assets and employees. Our tracking solutions can be utilized in a number of ways by nearly any type of industry:


Construction, Landscaping, and Contracting companies have many valuable mobile assets and employees that are not being monitored on a daily basis. However, Vestige can help these companies do so. We have successfully saved companies thousands of dollars by assisting in retrieving lost and stolen equipment. We have also helped many companies save money by making make sure their mobile assets are being utilized properly.


Our tracking solutions are useful to a wide variety of medical services. Some examples include pharmaceutical shipments, medical waste disposal, patient transportation, home health care services, and assisted living homes. Our solutions help track shipments of medications, track needed disposal pickups, improve safety for workers who visit in-home patients, and help monitor wander risk patients.
Schools can benefit from a number of our solutions, from tracking buses and district vehicles, to band and football equipment trailers, even expensive equipment used in daily school operations. Our activity tracking solutions are great for teachers and especially effective for bus drivers and chaperones as an easy way to alert administrators and/or law enforcement if assistance is needed.
Our tracking solutions are extremely effective for delivery, trucking, and transportation services. These services utilize our tracking solutions to track and monitor regular shipments of products. By using our activity tracking solutions, delivery and trucking services can be notified when shipments are ready. This saves both time and money. Our solutions can also monitor climate control within trucks to make sure perishable items do not spoil.
Companies that provide rental equipment such as cars, construction equipment, boats, or any other mobile assets benefits from using our tracking solutions. Our solutions help rental companies monitor potential theft and recover any lost or stolen assets.
Our tracking solutions can be useful for a wide variety of Government and Law Enforcement agencies. From tracking criminal activities to the Department of Social Services improving the safety of their employees when they make home visits. The different types of tracking and monitoring solution opportunities for government agencies are endless.
Counties and Cities use our tracking solutions to monitor maintenance in the area. Municipalities can monitor potholes, sidewalk repairs, and areas where snow removal is needed. This helps to keep their areas safe and saves them time and money. Counties and Cities also use our tracking solutions as a clock-in/ clock-out system for mobile employees who do not have to be in the office everyday. This ensures the employees are getting properly compensated for their time.