A. By default, Fleet updates to the platform every 2 minutes when ignition is on and 30 minutes when ignition is turned off. Asset trackers update 2-4 times per day, and Activity Trackers update every 5 minutes.
A. Vestige provides FREE training and technical support for the life of your partnership with us.


A. 1-8 cameras per vehicle or mobile asset.
A. Our default setting is 5 frames per second, with a resolution of 720p.
Yes, each event can be sent to the DMP. The clips are viewable and downloadable into mp4 video and jpg image formats.
A. A 32GB SD card will hold 40 hours of drive time and 64GB SD card will hold 80 hours of drive time before it is overwritten.
A. You can enter the SD card into your computer, laptop or external hub with an SD card slot. Then, download the MDTPlayer for Windows or Mac to view the footage.
A. While every insurance company is different, many of our customers have seen a reduction in premiums after installing our cameras. Contact your agent for more details.


A. Yes, Persa is water resistant. 
A. The battery life of Persa can last up to 5-7 days. However, frequency of reporting will ultimately determine how long the batteries will last.
A. The dimensions are 3.1in x 1.5in x 0.89in.
A. Yes, alerts can be sent to both your cell phone and to email address.


A. Asset Trackers on the Basic plan does not include any reporting. Asset Trackers on the Standard plan do provide reporting.
A. We offer both self-powered (via internal or removable battery options), and wired asset trackers.
A. Asset trackers can be attached via Double-Side Tape, Velcro, or an optional Mounting bracket. Some trackers have attachment holes made to the housing also.
A. Self-Powered Asset trackers can run from months to years depending on the number of updates required each day.


A. Our default is a one minute map refresh which you can speed up to every five seconds or slow down to every two minutes.
A. Yes, we have a Geofencing tool that allows the user to create a virtual fence around an area or property. The Geofence will monitor entry and exits for you. You can create and schedule a report, set real-time notifications or both.
A. You can monitor people with Persa, equipment with asset trackers, and display your camera footage in DMP.
Yes, you have three access levels in your User Management section of the DMP. You can set someone as a Viewer, Power User and Administrator. You can also allow visibility from certain groups or individual assets.
Yes, we have a history tab that will give you options to filter out date, time and asset and play an animation of your selection on the map.