The most versatile monitoring platform to date.

Event List

The Event List page consists of details and accessible media about events. These details can be displayed for all assets or just a single asset based on date.

Rules Engine

Vestige DMP’s most advanced feature: Condition and Action recipes combine in rules to create the perfect alerting formula. This allows you to keep track of events and be notified exactly when you need to be.

My Reports

Get an overview of everything you need to know, on demand or in your email, about your mobile assets in a custom, easy to read reports page.

Traditional Tracking

Monitor your employees and mobile assets 24/7. Our reliable, up-to-date mapping and tracking features are available to you when needed.

Breadcrumb History

A history of locations and events are displayed on the map to provide a complete picture of the time of an event, visual location on the map, and any video or pictures associated with that event.


Create a virtual boundary to trigger a response when a mobile asset or employee leaves or enters a specific location.

Media Dashboard (Vestige View Only)

You can gain access to Video of Events on the media dashboard. Here you can play any of the media types available and see their associated location and time.

Request Media (Vestige View Only)

There are many ways you can request media from a camera. If you ever need to request a video for a certain time or event, you can do so on the Media Dashboard request for Video page.