Navigate the training videos within this page to learn everything you need to know about Vestige DMP.

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My Reports

Obtain everything you need to know about your mobile assets.

Rules Engine

Create condition and action recipes to create alerting formulas.

Asset Groups and Assets

An overview on creating Asset Groups and Assets.

Device Assign, Unassign, and Replace

An overview of device and asset association in DMP.

Main Dashboard and Omnisearch

A quick outline of Main Dashboard and Omnisearch navigation.

Navigation Methods

Learn more on the navigation methods within DMP.

Mapping Dashboard

An outline on sorting and selecting mapping data.

Map Card

A quick overview on how to use Map Cards in DMP.

History Tab

Learn how to navigate history of locations and events.


Create a virtual boundary to trigger a response in DMP.

Temporary Boundary

A how-to on creating temporary boundaries with GeoFencing.