Asset Tracking

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset Tracking gives you the power to keep track of your mobile assets and monitor their location on demand. Our asset tracking solutions  increase the security of your assets and can help you recover your assets in the event a theft occurs.

Monitor Asset Locations

Easily locate where your mobile assets are in real time with Vestige DMP.

Schedule Maintenance

Increase the life span of your assets by scheduling routine and top priority maintenance reminders.

Track Suspicious Activity

Track suspicious activity, such as theft, by monitoring assets locations to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

Protect Your Assets

Vestige Asset Tracking Solutions give you visibility to your mobile assets in real-time. This allows you to monitor suspicious activity and potential theft.

You can also improve utilization of your assets by monitoring idle time and by setting routine maintenance reminders. We offer both battery and hard-wired solutions to fit the needs of any mobile asset.

Never Lose Sight of Your Assets.



Asset Tracking Device
Easy to install and manage battery or hard-wired asset trackers. Battery trackers have a 1-2 years battery life. Hard-Wired Solutions come with a rechargeable battery with power safety mode.




Wireless Connection:
Our asset trackers communicate all information over the Verizon cellular network, using 4G LTE for the best performance





Vestige DMP:
Vestige DMP receives all incident alerts or events from asset trackers.




Platform Notifications:
The data monitoring platform (DMP) will send out SMS or email notifications based on incidents configured to be monitored. Customizable alerts allow you to take appropriate action.