Personal Safety for Your Mobile Employees


Persa is a Positional Engine Responsible for Secuirty and Analytics.

Persa combined with our Data Monitoring Platorm is a perfect solution that fits the needs of many industries and applications.


Mobile employees can send out duress alerts at the push of a button to anyone of your choice.


Track where your employees are and when they have arrived at or left job sites.

Easily monitor when your employees clock-in and clock-out.

Personal Safety in the Palm of Your Hands

A personal safety device that fits in your mobile employees purse, pocket, or any one of our wearable options. Persa is designed to be accessible any time it and something that can be carried at all times, for all situations. One of Persa’s many applications is to provide a lifeline to help at the push of a button for the user.

There is nothing more important than the safety of mobile employees. They all can face dangerous situations while driving or on a job site. Persa allows you to have access to a simple to use, compact, mobile tracking and monitoring device with 7 to 14 days of battery life. With a single touch alert feature, Persa will let you know where they are, when they arrived and left, or if they were in duress for you to be able to take appropriate action.

Peace of Mind

The world can be a dangerous place but Persa can help make it a little safer.



Persa Device:

This is the device in the users hands for personal safety, monitoring, mobile check-in and many other scenarios.





Wireless Connection:

Persa communicates all of its information over the Verizon cellular network, using both SMS and Data messages.




Vestige DMP:
Vestige DMP receives all communications from Persa. DMP is a platform that monitors data and takes appropriate actions based on your needs.





Platform Notifications:
The data monitoring platform (DMP) will receive messages from the Persa device and send out notifications.