A Small Device can Make Large Improvements in the Mobile Health Care Industry

A Small Device can Make Large Improvements in the Mobile Health Care Industry

Mobile health care workers, such as nurses and first responders, are essential. Their safety and ease of day to day tasks should be a top priority.

Persa is a positional engine responsible for security and analytics. Combined with the Activity Tracking Platform, Vestige DMP, it creates a solution that gives mobile health care workers the ability to wear the device when visiting clients dispersed over a large geographic area. Health care workers can summon first responders by pressing Persa’s alert button to notify a 24/7 call center service of an incident. Once Persa is activated, call center operators receive the name and GPS location of the worker to provide improved situational awareness when contacting the local emergency services to report the incident.

Employers are also able to see current and historic positional information. By using the GPS capabilities of the device, it allows for improved location-based dispatch and monitoring compliance with client visits and other assignments. Persa provides rapid local first responder notification to improve worker safety while improving compliance and productivity.

Vestige’s activity tracking solutions are not only useful for health care workers. Persa, or one of the other available targeted devices combined with the Vestige DMP, offers efficient solutions for a multitude of mobile medical service industries. Pharmaceutical shipment companies use Vestige’s products to track their vehicles and to make sure their vehicles are shipping prescription medication at the correct temperatures. Hazardous medical waste removal companies know exactly when they have to pick up waste which saves them travel time and fuel costs. Assisted living homes use the available solutions to monitor their wander risk patients, such as patients with dementia.

Persa is truly a revolution for the mobile health industry. Contact Vestige at 704-321-4960 or info@vestigegps.com to learn more.