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The Vestige GPS In-Cab Video Solution is an advanced incident camera. It comes equipped with powerful instant video transmission and telematics data. Our In-Cab Video Solution was created to provide evidence of events leading up to, and during, a road traffic accident by providing instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than 60 seconds. This can help protect a driver from any issues faced on the road.



Reliable 24/7 In-Car Vehicle Surveillance and Monitoringcamera

Protect yourself and your business from…

  Cash-for-Crash/Insurance Fraud Accidents
  False or Exaggerated Whiplash Claims
  Conflicting Reports of Actual Road Events
  Poor & Uneconomical Driving Behaviors
  Slow or Unreasonable Claims Processes


Recommended by Major Insurers



• High Quality Insurance Approved 170° (Pillar -to-Pillar) viewing angle
• Adjustable recording frame rate.
• Real Time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost, even when not recording in continuous mode
• Optional Audio Recording
• Dual SD Cards for Longer recording times
• Instant remote retrieval of court admissible evidence from both cameras
• Password protected recordings preventing unauthorized access of recordings and data on the SD card


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