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We know you have heard of in-cab video solutions, but Vestige View is more than that. Vestige View Event Based Video is an incident camera solution for your fleet and other mobile assets. Combined with our Data Monitoring Platform (DMP) it is a perfect solution that fits the needs of many industries and applications.



Reliable 24/7 In-Car Vehicle Surveillance and Monitoringcamera

Protect yourself and your business from…

  Cash-for-Crash/Insurance Fraud Accidents
  False or Exaggerated Whiplash Claims
  Conflicting Reports of Actual Road Events
  Poor & Uneconomical Driving Behaviors
  Slow or Unreasonable Claims Processes


Recommended by Major Insurers



• High Quality Insurance Approved 170° (Pillar -to-Pillar) viewing angle
• Adjustable recording frame rate.
• Real Time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost, even when not recording in continuous mode
• Optional Audio Recording
• Dual SD Cards for Longer recording times
• Instant remote retrieval of court admissible evidence from both cameras
• Password protected recordings preventing unauthorized access of recordings and data on the SD card


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