bigstock-Businessman-Uses-Umbrella-To-S-84811232-[Converted]There is nothing more important than employee safety. Mobile employees, no matter what field of work they are in, often encounter many dangers. These employees face the unknown at their job sites on a daily basis. Mobile employees also tend to work alone and do not work normal business hours. They generally work with no supervision and have to look after their own health and safety. Communication with their supervisors and co-workers is key to ensure their jobs are running smoothly.


Vestige GPS offers a solution to improve employee safety called the Activity Tracker. The Vestige GPS Activity Tracker gives mobile employees peace-of-mind by allowing them to have the comfort of being “supervised” while working alone. At the push of a button, mobile employees can send out an alert to multiple numbers when they are in duress. The Activity Tracker has a built in GPS chip, so the moment the employee pushes the button their duress location is collected. The device is hand-held, portable, light weight, and can be attached to clothing, making it easy for mobile workers to have it on them at all times.


The Activity Tracker is truly a revolution in employee safety. It is quick, simple to use, efficient, and works especially well in outdoor environments. Improving employee safety is just one of the many features the Activity Tracker has to offer. Contact us today to request a demo.

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