Vestige GPS
At Vestige GPS we offer a wide variety of tracking & monitoring solutions for your specific business needs.

At Vestige GPS we offer multiple tracking and monitoring solutions for your business needs. Whether you are looking to track your assets or employee’s activity we have the answer for you. Our solutions increase productivity and safety all while saving you money in the long run. Vestige GPS also utilizes Google as a mapping engine which ensures up-to-date maps and a user friendly tracking platform.


Activity Tracking

Improve mobile employee safety with Persa, the Vestige GPS Activity Tracking Solution, by receiving alerts via text and/or email when prompted by an employee who is in duress. Equipped with a built in GPS, Persa also improves employee monitoring, allowing you to view your employee’s locations.

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Asset Tracking

Get the most out of your assets at all times with our Asset Tracking Solutions. Our Asset Tracking Solutions allow you to keep track of your assets, monitor their location at all times, increase asset security, and can help you recover your assets in the event theft occurs.

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Vestige View
Event Based Video

Vestige View Event Based Video Solution is an advanced incident camera equipped with powerful instant video transmission and telematics data. Vestige View was created to provide evidence of events leading up to, and during, a road accident by providing instant notifications & video.

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“Vestige has been an excellent partner for our company. Signing up with Vestige has helped us to simplify dispatching in our office, track workflow progress, and even justify our charges when questions arrive about time worked on any particular job. The peace of mind that it affords, coupled with the savings in fuel costs, have made Vestige an excellent decision for us.”

Tommy KelaherAppliance Science Repair

“Vestige GPS is probably the best thing ever, very helpful, on point, and easy to work with. Vestige GPS provides the perfect product for any company and provides great customer service. The staff are nice, patient, and helpful as well. They take their time to help you with any questions you have, no matter how simple they may be. I would recommend Vestige GPS to anyone and encourage them to keep up the good job”

Mayra CortesPiedmont Tower INC

“We are very happy with the Vestige GPS units that we are currently running. We have added additional units on our account because we were so please with the service. It’s working so well for my drivers and brokers that I feel lost unless I have them pulled up on our office monitor.”

Joe KotkowskiLakeside Sand & Gravel Inc.